We make the medical technology that gives the world access to quality healthcare.

The KUDUwave™ is the first in a line of products to be released by eMoyo.

In keeping with our vision of "creating accessible healthcare for all",  the KUDUwave™ combines multiple audiological technologies into a single, light weight device.

Traditional hearing testing requires a patient to be placed in a sound-booth. Sound booths are costly, take up a lot of room and are difficult to move.  Additional equipment is also required such as; headphones, audiometer, response button, bone conductor and more.



With the KUDUwave™, we have combined the soundbooth, audiometer and headset into a single, lightweight device. This reduces costs. makes diagnostic hearing testing portable and accessible.

Now even the most remote parts of the world can receive quality hearing health care.



Find out more at www.kuduwave.com

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